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We have found a GREAT "HOW TO DO METAL CASTING" ebook which you can DOWLOAD INSTANTLY !!

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This ebook all of which has been gleaned from many hundreds of hours of project work carried out in the home foundry

You'll quickly learn that hobby foundry work can be done in your own workshop with carefully constructed equipment & tools.

The basic skills & methods have produced outstanding results, even from people who have never before tried their hand at metal casting.

Would you like to try your hand at this ancient metal craft?

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You would, then you should be forewarned that it could be an addictive pastime.

The things you can make in your hobby foundry is limited only by your skills - imagination and determination.

Foundry work is basicly the skill of using a pattern to make a sand mould, and then carefully pouring molten metal into the sand mould.

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It will Show You:

Practical low cost ways to begin Hobby Metal Casting.

Step-by-step methods used to achieve consistent casting results.

How to thoroughly prepare your foundry sand ready for moulding.

How to build high quality metal cope & drag sand moulding boxes.

How to Design Gates & Risers for the best ways to feed metal to castings.

How to build your own Low-Cost Gas Fired Crucible Furnace, without using complex, difficult to make parts.

How to build a low cost Motorised Gyratory Riddle used for reconditioning foundry sand.

How to make basic timber foundry patterns using everyday woodwork tools.

Simple, ingenious ways to make high quality reproduction patterns using common car body filler.

Low cost methods to obtain equipment & tools for your hobby foundry.

How more than thirteen years of documented, proven, practical metal casting experience will be a total reference source to help you to set up and run your own successful hobby foundry. Plus a ton of other valuable hobby metal casting knowledge you'll be able to use.

A great way to learn about hobby foundry is by:

Reading... studying, & practicing the metal casting methods described in the ebooks.

The ebooks are packed full to the brim with easy to understand metal casting methods & techniques you'll be able to adapt to your own work.

If you begin your learning process with small, easy to cast items, you will learn many valuable lessons, and get to understand the basic methods & techniques so that you can move onto bigger projects.

But don't rush your learning, you should master the small things first. Foundry work is truly learnt by doing.

Do it yourself Metal Casting !!